Esolutions is UCMAS National Franchisee in Qatar

Visio Book  The foldable desktop magnifier - Magnify your reading material where ever you want!

Esolutions Sign Yearly Maintenance contract for PC’s and Networking Troubleshooting and installations  with independent schools in Qatar.

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Esolutions is  Partner for Blinds & visual Impairment Technologies working with many company around the world and we are main distributors for BAUM ,Index, and Acapela  with Visio technology company

Products  and services for blind and visually impaired.

BAUM Products:


A family of pocket size organizers with Braille keyboard or qwerty-keyboard, Braille output and/or speech output gives versatile and convenient access. Pronto! is easy to use and equipped with all the features needed for every day use. Pronto! comes in a high-tech design with modern communication interfaces prepared for future applications.

 Pronto! QS

Download Pronto ! QS  BDF Brochure


Compact, light and elegant. Portable Braille displays that suit every personal, educational or professional use. Available in three portable models: SuperVario 24, SuperVario 32 and SuperVario 40. Two desktop models available:  SuperVario 64 and SuperVario 80.


Download SuperVario Brochure



Stay connected to the world - always and everywhere! The smallest 12-cell Braille display with Braille keyboard in the world. This powerful Braille display is essentially a control device for modern communication equipment like mobile phones, smartphones, PDA's, etc. Operate your mobile phone, read and write SMS-messages or e-mails, take notes and much, much more. Enjoy your privacy when reading and writing Braille!


VarioPro and TASO

Professional Braille displays in modular design, easily adapted to different users and their individual needs. Available as VarioPro 64 and VarioPro 80. Different modules are available for special applications.

Tactile Acoustic Slider Orientation (TASO) Module allows for quick, two-dimensional navigation on the screen and for optimal control of Braille, speech and magnification.


Desktop magnifier


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COBRA Screen Reader


Index Products:

Braille printing made easy


Index Braille is the company behind some of the world's best braille embossers. Our standards: high quality braille, customer focus and top of the line-technology. You'll feel the difference


Basic-D V4

Basic-D is a success story. The most sold braille embosser in the world is easy to use and easy to like, using fan folded paper to produce double sided braille. Now in Version 4 (V4) with even better stability. Read More

Everest-D V4

Everest-D embosses double sided Braille on copy paper. It is a fully flexible embosser, ideal for multiple paper formats, magazines in normal or newspaper format, labels and braille business cards. Read more

Braille Box V4

Braille Box delivers large volumes of braille, on regular copy paper. It embosses 900 pages per hour, has a very stable sheet feeder and built in noise reduction. Read more


4Waves PRO

Large scale, around the clock Braille embossing is here. With 4waves PRO your production won't stop. It offers user friendly, high speed Braille embossing. The multi printer design facilitates service and use. Read more


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